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If you've made a serious search for performers, you've probably done a web search or two and found myriads of performers, some in your area, some not, some without any tangible information at all. And even if you find a local performer or group, you have no way at all to tell from their site if they're fitting and qualified for your needs.

Well, that's where Red Swan comes in. It's our mission to help elevate fire arts out of the "circus" stigma and into the fully recognized art form we think it's become. We want to lift performers out of abusive gigs and present them, professionally, to clients who can appreciate the art.

Whether you represent a casting director and are looking for the perfect set of looks and skills, or you're throwing a little party with a fixed budget, Red Swan provides you, the client, with objective information about all our performers. We know which ones are talented and organized, which ones are fun and flirty, which ones are new and cheap. We keep track of insurance records, SAG status, licensing (where needed), and of course, performance styles.

But beyond that, we also hold our performers to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. We keep track of all performance reviews so that you know exactly the kind of person you're hiring. And, of course, we'll want to hear from you after the show to help us insure top-notch performances in the future.

So, we encourage you to visit the Galleries and see a few of the people who are working with us. Then, if you see something you like, check the Rate Card, and come back here to contact us.

If you have arranged for services already and would like to pay online, we have a Paypal account set up so that you can use your Paypal account or any of the following credit cards (without an account): Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Just click the button below to begin.

Red Swan Entertainment, fire performance and circus arts talent management.