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A message to our artists:
We share your passion for performance and expression. We also know how frustrating it can be to search for gigs and occasionally how difficult it can be to arrange the necessary details of safety and permits, payment, or numbers of performers. We want to help each of our artists find opportunities to share their art without the hassle of the details. Red Swan is committed to providing performers with what we're all looking for: fun, paying jobs.

What's not required to join:

  • Exclusivity. You may get jobs wherever you like, and do as you like when you get them. Naturally, we'll help you to be professional wherever you perform, but only make demands on you when you work for us.
  • Investment. You pay nothing to sign up with us. It's free. Often, you won't be required to buy anything but your performance tools and fuels. When we do require headshots, costumes, etc. you'll be notified in advance, and it will be entirely your option to continue. Turning down an expenditure won't change your standing with us.
  • Separation. If you're already part of a duet, group or troupe, we do not require that you split off from them. You may request that your duet perform only together, or ask for troupe level gigs only.
  • Obligation. We offer gigs, we don't demand them. If you're not interested, or can't make it, no problem, just let us know as soon as possible.
What is required to join:
  • Safety. Whenever you're on a gig for us, we expect you to adhere to the NAFAA performer guidelines for all shows under the Red Swan banner.
  • Promotion. We'll provide you with Red Swan media as needed [business cards, DVDs, etc], we ask that you distribute RS media only while on our gigs.
  • Professionalism. We ask that you show up on time for gigs, even a little early, dress appropriately, and, as needed, stick to the areas set aside for you. Whether it's a party or a film shoot, you should act as though you're there to work.
  • Communication. Jobs move fast, you should have rapid methods of getting notification, we prefer email. Please let us know of any limiting factors in your ability to do one or many jobs. If you take a position, but have issues arise, let us know promptly. And if you should have an issue with a client, please let us take care of it for you.

The reputation of our industry is being created right now. This is an exciting time to be a fire performer and we invite you to join our team and help us take our art to new heights. If you're in need of tools, images, practice space, we have a bunch of links for you. And of course, we have stringent Safety standards that we ask our performers to follow.

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