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The North American Fire Arts Association- A storehouse of fire codes, safety information, fuel info and research. Red Swan is proud to be a contributor to their national safety regulations project.


  • Specialty Insurance, (Clowns of the US), a group fire performance liability insurer. Reasonable rates on an annual schedule.
  • Fractured Atlas, an individual fire performance liability insurer. Because they do not offer group insurance, they can cover individuals, troups, and much more.
Tools and supplies:
  • Bearclaw Manufacturing a Los Angeles based fire tool maker, specializing in high-end and custom tools.
  • Holistic Hoops a NorCal based fire hoop maker, specializing in spring-spine hoops.
  • Obsidian Productions has provided a number of tantalizing images to us. But he's not just a Photographer, he's also a performer!
  • Root Solutions Our main photographer for the Knott's gigs, Roots has shown himself quite capable of photographing both portrait and fire-actions shots. Also responsible for the HD filming of Knott's 2008.
  • Incompetech has provided a remarkable service: hundreds of royalty-free audio tracks, of all styles and generes, that you can use in your promotional videos by simply giving credit for them. No worries about You Tube taking them down, or some rocker calling you wanting money.
  • IRS W9 forms. If you want to get paid, you'll need to fill this out.
  • Performer contracts are an integral part of teams and put you in first place for other gigs.
  • Burn Club is an open spinjam for fire performers. Open instruction and practice time.
  • If you're looking to get a start in fire performance, the Flow Temple teaches the base skills behind rhythmic tool performance.

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