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Team Burlesque

Once upon a time, burlesque shows were baudy forms of adult entertainment focused on comedy, farse and tragedy. While those original shows may have had a peek or two up a lady's skirt, they rarely included a strip tease. But by the time Gypsy Rose Lee and Lili St Cyr hit the scene, the migration to mostly nudity had begun and would continue.

We at Red Swan support both schools of burlesque. We have lovely troupes of dancing dolls for your visual stimulus, and single ladies who can shimmy, shake and strip with the best. But we also have some of that good old farce too. That raunchy comedy you don't want to explain to your kids, and extras from other departments like human pincushions, magicians, emcees, allow us to put together a true steampunk era burlesque show.

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