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The Firestarter

Team Fire

The heart and soul of Red Swan has always been our fire team. In fact, it was a fire gig for Knotts Berry Farm that inspired us to form Red Swan. They were looking for a fire stage show, and people kept mentioning our founder, Tedward. He had built many connections in the fire community both as a troupe leader, and as the LA representative for the North American Fire Arts association, an international fire performer safety organization. One phone call and they were sure who they wanted to work with, and Red Swan was born.

Our first few handfuls of performers were all intended specifically for this gig, and over the next four years, the bulk of the influx of new talent were more fire performers looking to perform on the Knotts stage. This gave Red Swan the strongest backbone of fire performers to be found anywhere. And under the careful eye of leading fire safety management, the safest fire troupe you'll likely ever see.

At this point, most of Red Swan's performers have some fire experience or another. We branched out into other areas when we discovered our fire performers had other talents, we drew people in with those talents and discovered many of them were interested in fire. So if you're looking for super safe, sultry, beautiful, energetic, coy, strong, tall, short, ninja, pirate, dancer, prancers or vixen fire artists, chances are, we have them.

And while our videos section has many clips to help you chose between this thing and that, our You Tube channel has bazillions of videos of all kinds, and you can get whole show at either place, I thought I'd post one here that you can't see anywhere else. This is one of the early videos from Knotts Berry Farm. Our video standards have gone up a bit, but this was a great show.

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